John Holbo

  • John Holbo is an assistant professor of philosophy at the National University of Singapore. His academic homepage is here. This page, on the other hand, is more for his non-academic/semi-academic/graphic design projects. He has several in progress or in various stages of fallowness/marination. John Holbo has too many blogs. His personal blog is here. He also blogs at Crooked Timber and The Valve. Go ahead and email him: jholbo-at-mac-dot-com.

My Books On Amazon


  • Rhinobird is my store on CafePress. It's also - perhaps confusingly - my Lulu store. Basically, I make stuff and put it up for sale and call it Rhinobird. (The logo was designed by Zoë Holbo, when she was 4 years old. I have her permission to use it. On CafePress you will find my Haeckel stuff and Squid&Owl stuff (for the time being.) On Lulu, I've put up a few fun old titles that I polished up, made all typographically nice, and made nice covers for. You can download all the PDF's for free, so go ahead and check it out. (I'm planning to clean up those editions a bit in the near future, and add some more.)